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The first step in the process is to decide your video objectives and budget range to help determine the optimal video creative style and cost that will meet your needs. Our extensive galleries of client video examples posted with prices can help you determine what style you want.


Once the video style is chosen and a budget approved, we go to work on the marketing concept and scripting. Some clients already have a clear script and concept, while others know their goals, but prefer we develop the script and audio visual concept for them.


At this stage we book the recording studio and Voice Artist. The Artist will then record the Narration from the approved script to reflect the video style. We provide Voice Talent in many accents in both male and female gender. Once the Voice Over is complete we send you the narration for approval.


When the voice narration is approved, we select and/or create the visuals for the video. This is animations, motion graphics, existing footage, stock b-roll footage, stock images, animated text or a combination of these elements. The audio voice over is combined with the visual elements to create a draft of the video for review.


Once your video is created with all of its elements, it is usually edited based on comments and feedback from the customer. Post production usually involves 1-2 rounds of edits before final approval and rendering in a format that works best for the intended use.

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